So, my girlfriend broke up with me the other day because of lack of communication. is what happened justifiable?

the last past week we were good. calling each other names of endearment, seeing each other, not fighting, all positive vibes. i went out with a guy friend from work and told her i was, since she declined my invite to see each other. as the night went on my replies came further apart form her messages and she got frustrated about it. ill admit i was a little off my rocker since i was drinking, but she went to say i didn't care and that i was ignoring her. she claimed i was a jerk who only cared about himself... soon after all that she said she hated me and the next day wanted me out of her life... i honestly dont think "the punishment fits the crime". i know i couldve been more engaged with our convo and i expressed how apologetic i was and i know i couldve been more attentive to her that night. anyway, i dont see how it fits that you can say you hate someone and want them out of your life because of that, unless there was some underlying reason i dont know about. i have a feeling there's another guy since before she refused to add me on facebook and after this got rid of me asap on instagram.


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  • It was probably building up from other times you lacked communication and so that just topped it off and made the tower fall.

  • I agree. You seem like a reasonable guy, and she seems to be blowing the situation way out of proportion. But, what I think doesn't matter..


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