Should I just move on?

My ex cheated on me she just blocked me on the phone w/o saying anything to me I asked her friends if she was ok because I didn't know what happened to her, then she came back since I asked her friends and explained everything and was extremely sorry and I forgave her. Everything was going great until she blocked me again without saying anything again. I didn't want anything to do with her because I didn't want to get hurt by her again so I blocked her back. 3 weeks after that I started getting lots of unknown calls I didn't know for sure if it was her or not until recently. Apparently even if you block someone they can still leave voicemails and I had one from her she didn't say anything I just heard her driving and then hang up the phone. She also made a fake instagram account and tried following me on that. I still love her but I treated her great and she just treated me like shit. I don't know if I should ask why she was trying to contact me or not. I feel like if she wanted me bad enough she would just leave a message or something instead of just calling me from a blocked number and cyberstalking me. I want to move on because I don't think she'll change but it's hard with her stalking me all the time. What should I do? And why is she calling me?


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  • Drop her, she's either playing around or actually kind of misses you. Being that she cheated you should have left her, as sorry as she was you could have met a girl that could stay loyal in that time you waisted.


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  • this whole blocking thing is mis used. it should be used for finality, not stopping and re-starting communication.

    I don't know what to tell you...

    • What do you mean? I blocked her because I wanted her to stop contacting me but she keeps trying to contact me

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