Why does cheating exist?

Why does cheating exist?

What can the causes be?


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  • What we think is the reason: To rip out the hearts of anyone and everyone that is, or that becomes, part of a cheating relationship.

    What the true reason is: Curiousity. (Like Jac said)

    - Cheating, to the opposite half of a relationship, can shatter their heart. But to the person that is cheating, they are cheating because they are needing fullfillment. So what you and I see as "wrong and evil" the other person finds temporary comfort within. That doesn't say that it's right or wrong at any level. It's merely saying that the person that cheats, will have a different understanding than the person who is the cheater.

    So now that we've established that cheating can be good or that it can be bad (As stupid as that was to say)... We're leading this topic into another area: Why would someone "want" to cheat? -->

    - I don't think it's so much of that they are LOOKING to cheat, but that the cheating occured due to an open opportunity. So let's take my own situation in to hand: I'm not the verbally affectionate type of guy and I have a bad temper... My ex-love betrayed me with my best friend because she found the emotional fullfillment that I wasn't giving her. That doesn't mean that it was my fault or that something "Wrong" happened. It merely means that it was against my moral judgement and that I don't care to partake in that relationship, so I removed that factor ("i dumped her"). So now we can understand why people cheat, it could be that they were looking for any range of emotional or physical "thing" that they were desiring but couldn't have.. Leaving curiosity.

    So now that there is a curiosity combined with an opportunity (see above): The moral judgement is over-ridden. It's like we're kids all over again with a shiny new toy, or a racoon with a shiny piece of metal... We see it, we want it, we can't have it.. (Can anyone guess the end of this story?)... You guessed it, we will go find a way to have it. Some people just end their current relationship and proceed into their "Endeavor".. Other's decide that this relationship is the BEST for them, but that they want to try finding something new, something that hasn't been offered before. They want something more. So obviously, they go to have their fun, but at what expense? It leaves us hurting because we care.

    Leading onto my last portion of this answer:

    - Why do we care to begin with? =P... For that, I'll leave it up to you with the understanding of why people cheat to determine how you're going to handle your own situation. Are you going to make an exception and risk being hurt again? Are you going to move on and say "no thank you"... Are you going to keep them as a friend and try things in the future?... There are endless possibilities to these open-ended questions, one answer will never suffice correctly.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • For a number of reasons:

    #1 Boredom, one or both people get bored, so instead of breaking things off like mature people they seek fun elsewhere.

    #2 Revenge, some people cheat to pay back their significant other for some real or perceived slight.

    #3 Insecurity, some people cheat just to prove to themselves that they've still "got it"

    #4 Lack of fufilment. this is somewhat different than boredom as sometimes they just are not fufilled by the sexual aspect of their relationship.

    #5 To end a relationship, some people will cheat on their significant other in order to end a relationship, it is basically the cowards way out.

    Cheating mainly exsists because one or both parties in a relationship are either A: not satisfied and are B: not mature enough to admit they are not satisfied and are thinking of only their own desires.

    The cheater is only thinking of what he or she wants, they feel no sense of obligation to their significant other when they are cheating. Most of the time cheating arises from poor communication in flawed relationships leading to one or both parties feeling unsatisfied.

    And then some people are just dirty rotten hounds.

  • Men tend to cheat because they want more physical stimulation, while women generally have more psychological and emotional motives for cheating.

    Where lonelyness & lack of emotional fullfillment are the most common reasons for women, for men its more fear of commitment, sexually unsatisfied, excitement of a secret afair or simply getting away with it.These would be the more common reasons, tho for both men & women there's both more reasons such as boredom or poor communication for both sides.

  • Biology, it feels good, nothing wrong with it ...the casue is the social construct that normalises monogamy, polygamy group marriage swinging and open relationships also exist...


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