Im turning into an obsessive stalker and I am embarrassed to admit it?

I constantly stalk my ex's Facebook profile, I look out for him at work because we work in the same building, we have mutual friends and I invite him to all the events because we are on good terms but I feel like im inviting him for the wrong reasons. I invite him because I want to see him not because I feel like I have to invite him. Apparently he does the same things I do ( he admitted it to me, I never admitted that I do the same to him) I acted as If I was shocked that he does these things because I didn't want to admit that I do them too as he was the one that initiated the break-up however I feel like I acted wrong by in a way 'embarrassed' him for doing those things.


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  • i guess he should be the one to establish connection with you again. If he is the one for you then i guess you should give him a sign or just try moving on.

    hope you will be fine
    take care

  • Sounds like you need to reach out to him and both of you need to re-establish that relationship


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  • That's scary!

    • whats scary?

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    • He doesn't know that I am doing the same, and because he was the one that initiated the break-up I don't particularly want to be the one to initiate that conversation.

    • Ohhhh that sucks... wish you the best

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