Ex has a new girlfriend already?

I was giving my ex space as he looked like he was suffering depression/quarter life crisis in June. Locking himself away and he just wouldn't talk as he was in his "man cave". Then on the 7th August he set his picture on Whatsapp to a girl on her own. Whatsapp was our main form of communication so he knows I will see it. I was giving him space etc and it has broke my heart. I don't have a clue who she is or where she has come from but it's all I can think about, as I thought some space between me and the boyfriend due to it getting serious with commitment would have helped. I don't know how to move on from this. It's constantly on my mind whenever I work or do anything. Why would he set his picture to that? It's so hurtful! He is such a shy guy and I am so surprised he met someone that quickly!


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  • well i think perhaps ending the whatsapp connection between you two is a start to moving on. you don't need constant reminders of the past

    it's also not really with 100% certainty that we can say this is a girlfriend right? but regardless of who she is it is imperative that you move on and think a good way of doing so is no contact (phone, fb, whatsapp or other social media)

    • As below to that girl... he said it was his girlfriend, but then flirted with my friend (he didn't realie it was my friend). I was his only contact on there. I literally saw him and he was such a hermit in his room hiding I don't get when he suddenly went out and met someone, so unlike his character. He is literally like my dad, locks himself away and watches sky plus repeats and plays with his play station. Can't work it out at all! He was such a mess when we broke up, just doesn't make any sense to me or my mum. Also cigarettes in the picture and he is a really bad asthmatic - can't cope around it at all. The first time he cropped it he cut them out, but the second time (after he spoke to my friend and changed it back that night) he forgot to crop them out. The pic quality is also really bad. I feel like its been taking from the internet as I will see it but I can't be sure. That or he has suddenly manned up. When he hit on my friend it was coming across as really creepy lol... (tbc)

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    • well it sounds like he has some emotional health issues so his behavior may be erratic and unpredictable. i know it's rough that it seems like he's moved on especially since you were sort of waiting on him to get out of his funk

    • Yeah... he literally went out and got a new play station the day I went round there. Was banging on about wanting to be alone and now he had his new play station he could focus on that. It was like he was in some depressed trance. I can't even explain it! He said he didn't know if we were broken up or not etc, he didn't know what he wanted he just wanted to snap out of feeling that way. :(. I was so worried about him as he was describing signs of depression. We were buying a house then he found out his job was at risk and just did a 180 on me/everything.
      Fast forward a month and he has a new girlfriend? It's very odd. :(

  • Well your broken up so him talking to other girls is fair game and you can't put restrictions on what he can do. He see the relationship is over. Your not taking a break the relationship is over. I think your over reacting as just sending a picture doesn't make her his girlfriend already. However why even care? The relationship is OVER he is an EX.

    • Huh? No, it's his Whatsapp picture - as in his profile photo of a picture of just her on her own.

      I know, I get the point, doesn't make it any easier for me though! We was looking at house furniture when we split!

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  • It's possible this was why he was pulling away to begin with. Anyway, he's your ex. It's a bummer, but all you can do is focus on your own healing.

    • Yeah I know... I thought of that too. :(
      It doesn't match to anything he was saying to me though so I am convinced he has only recently met her. The break up convo wasn't your typical "sit down and break up" conversation. It was very errrrrm, it was a conversation that got out of hand you could say. So I believe if she is real then they only met recently.

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    • He started hanging out with someone else before he broke up with me, which I suspected, then tried to hedge on breaking up until he was sure she wanted him. It was a mess - all because he was a coward. Don't try to drag this out. If he really wants to be with you, he'd make it clear and not open to speculation.

    • Oh really, that's harsh :(
      I didn't get that impression in my case at all. I think its some girl in the last few weeks or he is doing it to upset me as I hadn't tried to contact him a while since then... :( I don't get why he suddenly changed it etc, but he needs to man up now. I want to move out etc and not interested in games.

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