I'm scared of dying alone... anyone else?

Just broke up with my ex of four years...

I'm not a very good gf, I'm not terrible or crazy or anything. Just have "male-approval" issues and tend to not be that great in relationships. I'm always told I have a lot of sex appeal... although getting respected by a guy never seems to occur.

All my girl friends are married or are in serious relationships.

I'm nearly 27- anyone else scared of dying alone?


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  • LOL, I'm 25 and no I'm not scared of dying alone. wanting to be in a relationship is only natural especialy when your freinds are with people, but remeber you don't just want to be with someone for its own sake, you want to be HAPPY with them and feel wanted. try and relax and if you feel you have personal issues in regards to your previous relationships the best thing you can do is address them.

    got out there and meet people. get numbers and arange dates, its a numbers game the more you see the closer you get to finding someone you you have chemistry with. above all have fun. your 27 years young, I know people who didn't marry until they were in there late 40's. life itsnt a who can get want race its an experiance.

    trust me you will meet someone

    good luck..x


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  • I felt like that before and I'm not even 20 yet haha. You shouldnt be worrying at such a young age

  • nothing you can do about it unless you die in a plane, car, bus train withlots of other people so don't worry about it.

  • You may have to look someplace you normally wouldn't... Get in contact with an old friend that liked you, look for guys that only seem like friends. Raw sex appeal tends to be overrated in looking for a partner.

    Look for a good guy, use you head, don't decide off pure emotion, and find yourself a good man. Those are the guys that will respect you. Go for the guys you can have, not the ones you can't... They'll treat you right.


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