He is confusing. its a bit long. I need help with him, is there any chance?

My ex and I broke up 4 months ago but are still in contact. he initiated the contact since the bu. We have also had sex a few times as well. I do still have feelings for him and eventually want to tell him but for some reason everytime I say i am i never do. Anyway I just worked with him for 3 weeks and everyone knew we were together and saw us looking at each other so they knew. Well it was his birthday last night. Midnight I wished him one he called me at 2 am but i didn't answer which he never calls but i know he was out with freinds. Then yesterday i said hope he was having a good day. He said thanks and then we texted more. We were joking around and i said something so he said I didn't have the balls to come say it to his face. Well I proved him wrong, but it lead to us having sex which I sort of knew. We talked a bit about camp and such and he asked where I got the scratches on my back from. he goes prob from someone else right I said yeah sure. I said well you are prob getting it all over. he said no i dont even go out and he gave me a compliment about my hair when he saw me saying it looked good and saying things like he didn't remember seeng something on me before I saw a magic band box near his bed. I asked if he was going on a trip he said maybe. I saw the itnirary when he was in the bathroom. He is going for 3 days. So I said why u being secrative he said he wasn't and that he might be going on a trip. So I said ok. I grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed and kissed him and then I got dressed to leave. Upon leaving he goes ok bye and tried to hug me so i said i dont want this crap. He grabbed me and hugged me for a at least a minute so after I grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek and left. What is going on? A part of me thinks there is something still and he doesn't know what he wants and a part of me really doesn't know. Should I text him in the next few days asking to talk? I want to get it out in the open


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  • People act so weird when they are doing shit with exes they probably shouldn't. . . .

    Yes before you spread your legs for him again it probably would be a good idea to find out if this is just a "we're just fucking" relationship or will this lead to you getting back together. Most likely though your just messing around, most ex things happens like that until someone either gets pissed off or finds someone else to fuck.

    • Very true. Like a part of me says something is still there and we are unfinished and another part of me says its done. He is not that type of guy to use someone but hey people can change in all ways. Its been 4 months since our breakup and we have not been with other people since. We dont have sex on a regular basis but the question still always comes up weather we are with other people and its always no. It always comes up in the weirdest form to like i said about the scratches last night. I will try to tell him this weekend but I don't know how to bring it up or if he will get together with me. I also was going to say something last night or this morning but it did not seem like the right time either.

    • Also shouldn't he be getting the signs that I am still into him? I have told him i wished he came out one night. I grabbed him this morning and kissed him and kissed him again before leaving and send little texts saying have a good day etc. shouldn't he know how I feel

    • He knows your into him still that is why he wanted you to "say it to his face". He knew once you came over it was a done deal and you was going to have sex with him.

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  • It sounds like you guys are still in love and I think you should find someone you can both trust and who has a lot of wisdom to help you guys through this. You might need to go to counseling as a couple and as individuals to figure out what happened to cause you guys to break up.

    • Well we only were together for 3 months but those 3 months were great. He said I was amazing and fell for me everyday. We never had any arguments or anyrthing like that he was going through stress with not finding a job and closed off from everyone for a good month. Did not want to go out etc and after that he said we needed to talk and it was nothig i did wron and how he was feeling. He said he felt like we were not growing/connecting and that he did not feel what he thought he should. Which I find weird bc before that things were great and we were happy. Met all families and everyone saw how happy we were. Aince bu like i said it was 4 months ago we are still in contact and such and it just feels weird because i feel like we are still an unwritten story and then a part of me says no. Maybe he just doesn't know what he truly wants. I still send nice texts to show I care and thinking of him. He must know i still have feelings by my actions.

    • I think you both still like each other and like I said, it might help for you guys to talk to someone you both respect and trust to help you get through whatever is happening.

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