Ex bad mouthing me to his friends and common friends?

Hi there,

We broke up with my boyfriend last week , he was lovable 3 weeks ago , and then changed completely and gave me the cold shoulder saying he needed 'space etc
I told him to say it was absolutely over and he says ' i can't say that , i just need time and have my feelings together blablabla '
I have a lots of my things in his flat plus my Dog too , (we were not living together ) i am looking for a new house so he keep it until i find one.
I had to Come to pick up something , and i had let him know , i just did not wanted to see him.

Today his housemates (she is a girl and we are very friend which annoy him) told me he says bad things behind my back
Like ' dont let her Come into my room '
Then his friends and him says I was 'obsess with him'

My friends says 'well no actualy she had a thing recently with a boy ' (not true;)) and be says 'what , when? what day?'
Saying i am crazy etc
Saying i come to feed the dog only to see him

I am actualy trying not to see him , he is mean with me and everyone's at the moment , bursting in rage over nothing with his staff and friends

His life ks pretty depressing and lame , and honest! y i find it was that he says bad stuff about me and being an hypocrite.
I dont know what to think , i would never thought he would act like that especially since the broke up was painful for me and he seems pretty down about it too

Help ! Guys why would you do this?
Thank you


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What Guys Said 2

  • sounds like there are too many people pissing in too many ears!

    • Why does he do that?

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    • I guess you are right... I am just both upset , and sad and disappointed but not surprise
      Thank you so much

    • anytime keep your chin up!

  • Sounds like a fun guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • You learn more about a person either during an argument or when the relationship ends. Bad mouthing you shows his immaturity.. Just be thankful you're not still with him


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