My ex says he loves me but doesn't CARE about me anymore?

My birthday was August 6th, almost 3 weeks ago. I asked my ex to take off work that day and he did. He came to my house and spent the night. Day of, things were absolutely wonderful. Next morning, he's still in bed, I'm in the living room with my mom drinking coffee, her dog has a bone my dog wants, so he's barking over the bone. Well it wakes him up, so he puts my dog outside. Now me, my mom, AND him are in the living room. But my dog has gone to my bedroom, and was getting into an open (but empty) can of vienna sausages. We go to investigate the silence, and he hits my dog on his nose so hard that he yipes. I asked him not to hit him on his NOSE because I didn't want his nose broken, teeth to get broken, or go into the roof of his mouth. I told him top of the head or his rump was okay. And he refused to take it. He wished I would get rid of the "stupid fucker" and asked if he could SHOOT my dog. After he said that, I told him that was enough and to knock it off. Then he said that he would DROWN him. I popped off saying I'd drown him, and he said "Try me bitch." So he packs up his xbox one and puts on his clothes. My exact words to my mom were "ONCE WE TAKE HIM HOME, that's it I'm not gonna talk to him for a while." I literally designated her to take him home and he heard it. Because after he heard me, he said "We can be done right now!" and I say okay cuz I'm mad, and he walks out. He goes a bit, then turns around just to ask if I plan to change the stupid xbox password, then leaves again after I tell him I'm not even thinking about that. He calls his mom to pick him up. He gets home and we haven't really talked since. But apparently because my mom didn't OFFER DIRECTLY TO HIM to take him home, I left him stranded an hour from home. Last time we spoke he said he loves me still but if I got dumped on the side of the road dead, he wouldn't care. He agrees we split for a stupid reason but refuses to talk about this? I don't know what to do.. He's my entire universe..


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What Guys Said 1

  • i can't read all that
    anyway u say its your ex
    why u still have links with him

    • we've been together for like 2 years. excuse me for not being able to give that up easily. -.-

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  • If he's talking about shooting and drowning your dog I don't think he's a good guy...


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