How can I stop feeling pain? I'm still in love with a girl that doesn't love me and doesn't want to see me anymore?

Two semesters ago I met a girl that I got really attached too, we took two psychology classes together, we used to hang out together; but it got to a point that I used to tell her how beautiful she was through texting and how I felt about her. I always had the urge to see her every single minute of the day. Now she's with some jerk that drives a 2013 convertible mustang and I always just get the impression that she only wanted to use me to try to get her a job or whatever she could get out of me. I'm hurt really bad every time I see that car in the parking garage at school; because I caught her and him unexpectedly doing some naughty things in that car and I confronted them already about how felt. What do you recommend that I do? these things replay in my mind every single day and I miss her a lot. I know that that it's too late for me to change what happened, but I always feel lost and scared with myself. I'm just trying to get away from school as fast as I could now. I don't feel happy or safe there anymore.


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  • Yeah, what owl said, best way to get over it, is to move on to someone else.

  • Get another girl, she was nothing but a gold digger anyway.


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