Do guys ever get back with their girls a few months down the track?

going by the quote: you don't know what you have till you lose it. Do any guys get back with girls after a few months of freedom. was in a great 2 year relationship. we were best friends and lovers and he is 6 years older than me, 23-29. he has had depression in the past and he does love his space from people (not just me) and decided he wanted a break for a month. we now hang out and cuddle, go movies, but he still wants to be alone. and we both share the same friendship group as well so I see him quite a bit. Do you think that maybe in a few months there could be a chance to get back with him, talking from experience. I also said what if I end up being with someone and he looked all jittery and nervous, saying it would be his loss and seemed a little regretful... leaving me with ^lets just see what happens... thoughts, even advice on how I should act to get him back...please positive stuff. thanks


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  • sometimes it depends on how it ended. if she was a good girl and they took advantage of her then maybe a couple months later they'll realize what they lost.

    • Def a good girl. ;best girl he had ever been with (quote) but do you think that because we share similar friendship groups, this will help my cause by seeing him more and stuff.

      so A) not hang out so much around him so he would realise what he has lost (does that make sense)

      or B) hang around with him and my friends and try to make him remember the great memories and how easy going I was with him.

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  • Its possible, if he really likes you he might try and get back together or just use you friends with benefits or casual...

  • I had a wonderful 4 year relationship and sh left me out of the blue with no closure and caused my depression! I will never come back to her.


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