What are the chances? He is a very confusing character?

We broke up 4 months ago. The bu wasn't bad but It sort of came out of nowhere but im still upset about it because he is my one and i feel like we have too much to give up. he initiated talking after bu and we had sex a few times. I had to work with him the past 3 weeks and everyone knew there was something between us. the connection still there etc. last night we texted and joked around. he responded with you dont have the balls to say it to my face. my response was oh yeah watch me. so i went over there we talked and had sex. The topic of work came up and he asked how they found out if i said anything to them. i said no and he knew that i wouldn't but he said it was ok if I did say something he didn't care. He also gave me a compliment about my hair and saw I had scratches on my back and was asking where I got them from if i got them from someone else I said no and I turned it around to him where he said he wasn't with anyone else either. he also saw something that he has never seen on me and said that he never has seen such like that on me. I slept over as usual and upon leaving he did the awkward hug thing I said i dont want that crap grabbed him and gave him a kiss and said bye. Earlier i grabbed him when we were in bed and kissed him too and played around. He obviously should know I still have feelings by the way I act and such. I also believe we are still an unwritten story not finished and its still there for him too. I dont know what to do. I want to tell him how I still feel. Is that a bad idea I have nothing to lose? and do you think there is any hope between us. To me if he did not want anything to do with me anymore then he would have never started contact again with me after the bu and let me go.


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  • He's only using you as a backup plan till he finds someone else


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