Should I add my ex on facebook? Still haven't forgotten after two years?

My ex treated me poorly, but he was unbelievably romantic and touching. For a whole year after I broke up with him he messaged me 20+ times begging to just have me around in his life or be his friend, saying things I've never heard anyone say "imprinted his heart and soul, I was the one, most beautiful amazing girl he will ever meet".

I tried moving on after being heartbroken with a new guy, but slowly noticed the feelings were MUCH less intense than they were with my ex. Now I'm single, it's been almost two years since we broke up, and I still remember how he made me feel. I would never date him again since he treated me poorly, but I really do miss his presence and how it just made me feel. Would it be terrible to add him on facebook? I'm pretty sure if I reached out somewhat he would message me again. I'm holding back because he treated me poorly and COMPLETELY broke my heart, but I feel more forgiving since he spent a year messaging me to just have me talk to him. I'm still in love with him, and I've been holding myself back for years from reaching out in any way or showing him I care, as a way to TRY to move on and maintain self-respect. I don't know what to do?


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  • Sounds like an abuser. Don't add him. Many guys consider having an ex as a FB friend a deal breaker. Never communicate with exes.


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  • You should never go back to an abusive relationship. Whenever you think of the good things about him, just remember again all of the bad. Just by saying good things it doesn't mean he's changed. Someone who regrets treating you badly will only ask for forgiveness and will understand if you move on. They will never try to manipulate you into falling in love with them again. If you go back after so long, he will know that he always had that power over you and he will use it against you again.


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