Me and my girlfriend broke up about a month ago now - it hit me out of the blue there were no real reasons she just wasn't sure if her head was in it 100% any more. We had the most beautiful relationship full of memories and trips away with very few problems apart from the odd little squabble over silly things. The break up has been extremely difficult for me but it originally ended on good terms I haven't gone a week without speaking to her either by text or on the phone. However since we have broken up we had an argument over something which was online which ended very bitterly. This week I bumped into her out and we both spoke, apologised were very affectionate towards each other and even kissed - she said to me about hanging out sometime soon and messaged me after saying how nice it was to see me. Since then I have messaged her asking if she wants to get a drink and 'hang out' to which she replied she doesn't think its a good idea and then stopped replying altogether. Im so confused by this hot/cold nature and want more than anything to figure things out and create something better than before - is it too late to go no contact? clearly there must be some mixed feelings on her side?


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  • It has happened to me twice where I've seen ex's and then been friendly and nice only for them to contact me and for me to realize it's over for good. The thing is, when you initially see a ex for the first time, you panic and don't act like your usual self or use usual reasoning. She might have felt panicked and thus decided to just go to the thing she was used to which was being very friendly and wanting to make you and the situation "feel" better by looking interested. She likely went back, thought about it and realized she wasn't acting on how she truly felt and reflected on your relationship. I think you should go NC if she said it's not a good idea. It shows she isn't really in the position to try again.

    • thank you for your advice!

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  • There's no right or wrong thing in these situations I think you should just do what you really want. If you really want to get her back then you should do what you feel is necessary however I think it's best to give her space and allow her to make up her mind without you and not feel pressured. Personally I don't care how good the relationship was at times, I've been in that situation before and if she's not as into me as I am her, I've got no desire in keeping things going. The fact is she's not sure of what she wants and might never be, unless you're convinced that she's not going to do this again and leave, there really isn't any point in worrying about her.


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