Any advice about a rude and mean ex at workplace?

Any advise how to deal with a mean aND rude ex? I ve gone as far as bringing it up to his supervisor but it s a small company and my company really needs him so he might not take it serious. Everytime we have to interact he's rude and mean to me. Makes work environment uncomfortable. Thank you in advance!


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  • Whatever you do don't be mean back and don't try to sabotage him, if anything this will result in making you look like a "Bitter Ex" and he could pull that card (She's just trying to get me in trouble). What you need to do with dickheads like this cunt is outperform him in every way, shape and form. Just take your work more seriously, brown nose to the executives and put your nose to the grindstone, that will get your work ethic noticed and when they start noticing you they'll start noticing him being a cunt, and then because you've become a valued employee, he's going to be on thin ice. Trust me, I've pulled both sides, and being vindictive about it usually blows up on yourself, you gotta beat him most times and get the upper hand.

    • Thank you!! The supervisor is his uncle too. I kinda don't want to escalade to higher management cuz i know imy strong enough and it WOULD make me look butter and I'm clearly not ! Just don't know how to deal with this. He even has everyone talking shut about me in back

    • *bitter

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  • This is definitely something you need to bring up with HR.

    This is workplace (obviously) harassment.

    If they're not taking this situation seriously, even after bringing it up to his supervisor, simply because they need him, that's something that can get the company in a lot of legal trouble if they continue to ignore your reports on this ex.

    You need to report it to his supervisor again, or to HR or upper management and "threaten" them by saying that if they continue to ignore this situation, you'll take legal action; whether you really do or not is up to you, but you need to let them know that 1) you're no pushover when it comes to this kind of harassment, and 2) that the company can be in legal trouble if they continue to push this matter aside.


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  • Now you understand why dating co workers is bad. Report him again.


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  • Do you have an HR department?

    • Unfortunately no. He's just hostile and he talks bad about me to everyone in the back.

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    • Don't stoop to his game. Be better and get the games to end. Good luck!

    • Thank u =)

  • >:) Prank him. Hard. "let the bodies hit the flo' build up song*


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