Ex caught me cyberstalking her, wants to talk. What do I do?

So, I got pissed about something really stupid & dumped my long time girlfriend of a few years. Actually, I just stopped talking to her & dropped her on social media. Told her I'd talk to her in a few days & just stopped answering her calls. She would call, email, asking what happened, as we had been ring shopping on our last date & before the conflict had been house hunting, but I was so mad about this stupid thing that a month later didn't even matter. I wanted to apologize, but she's blocked me everywhere.

It's been six months. I started reading her blog every day. Twitter too. She's doing awesome. She's got a new job. She looks great. But I can't go talk to her. Anyway, I would do this every day. I'm not even sure why. But then last week, she wrote something about how she was taking a break from blogging because of cyberstalking. Busted. But she mentioned that if that person wanted to talk, she'd be willing to talk. So, I haven't visited her blog in a week. I feel really stupid because I got caught. But part of me wonders what she could want to talk about. Should I talk to her or just keep ignoring her & hope it all goes away?


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  • Wow. No wonder she blocked you everywhere. Just talk to her

    • I don't even know what to say to her.

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    • I'm not even sure she'd want to talk to me. She thinks I was stalking her.

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  • Talk to her, apologize for ghosting, and go from there

    • She has blocked my number and she thinks I'm a cyberstalker. What would I even say to her?

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  • Dood talk to her. Don't expect it to go your way though but it'd be better if you talked it out.

  • Talk to her

    • What would I even say?

      She always says ignoring things doesn't make it go away & I need to talk things out because I don't just stop loving her because I ignored her, what bothered me, whatever. But I don't know what to say & it's just easier to ignore it.

    • Start with hi and ask questions to catch up.

    • Well, she's blocked my number. I'm not sure how to reach her. And she's probably angry & hurting & I don't know if I can deal with that.

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