I did a lot of annoying/crazy ex girlfriend type shit when my ex cheated on me and we broke up, should I feel embarrassed?

i did things like sending fake texts, making fake accounts, calling and texting him when he asked for space, crossed his face off in a picture at his house when i was really drunk, etc. now i got over the break up and look back on my actions and feel ashamed. is this normal behavior after your first serious relationship ends and you were cheated on or should i feel embarrassed?
  • you should feel ashamed
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  • don't beat urself up for it, we all get a little crazy after break ups
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he also had me blocked for a while but recently unblocked me... so I guess he got over it?


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  • i think your actions were relatively common for a person who went through a really hard end to a relationship. i've been cheated on in relationships and i know i didn't do things i was proud of

    but ultimately you have to forgive yourself for those actions as they were isolated moments of emotional reactions

    • thank you for the advice! i definitely learned from my mistake. at one point he had me blocked and told me to get out of his life but i recently noticed he unblocked me. does this mean anything?

    • maybe means he feels like you are no longer going to do any "annoying/crazy" stuff

  • You should feel ashamed, considering your next boyfriend might find out about that and wouldn't like you for that reason

  • you could say sorry to him sometime

    • i did apologize. he also had me blocked for a while but recently unblocked me... so I guess he got over it?

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    • ok awesome thanks for the advice!!! i guess i learned from my mistake

    • well thats a good thing... we all make mistakes but few learn from them

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