Still not over my ex? Ex likes my best friend?


Okay so my ex and I have a pretty weird relationship. Last year, when we broke up (which I would consider to be a pretty bad break up), we still remained really really close friends, which is great and all except I just can't get over him. I don't want this to affect our friendship at all, it's just annoying that I can still feel lingering feelings for him. They'll be brief moments were it sparks up and then dies down again. What's worse is that he's starting to like my best friend on the lowkey (he tells me everything) and shit that hurts (though I'd never admit it to him or anyone actually).

It's just bad because mad people always tells us, straight to our faces, that they thought we would still be together and yada yada along those lines. And we always have the same reaction to it: a mix of guilt, confusion, and awkward laughter.

Oh yeah, I also have a new loving and extremely caring boyfriend that I would want to give my whole heart too but this whole ex situation is just preventing it. It's just so frustrating.

What should I do? Open to all answers, desperate af

Forgot to add this but all of most exes are my friends (I don't believe in ending all ties completely if that person means a lot to you whether romantically or platonically), but I never experienced this problem before. Please help :(
Still not over my ex? Ex likes my best friend?
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