Me and ex finally had the talk. I don't know how this will end?

Me and my Ex had the talk finally. We broke up 4 months ago and the breakup was not bad but something i did not see coming because things were great. I think its just the wrong time but I don't know. Well throught these months we still talked and had sex a few times. a lot of people still noticed there seemed to be something still there with us. I still love him and want us back and was going to talk to him eventually about it. We had sex 2 nights ago and then he texted asking to hang/talk last night. I went over and we finally talked. He asked if i was ok with what was going on between us and I said honestly i still have feelings for you and always will even though i know its not reciprocated. he didn't really respond to that but said well can you separate the two ro does it interfere with this because if it does then its prob not a good idea. i said no and that whatever was fine and said yes I do still and always will have feelings. We had sex and i slept over it was very hot. We fell asleep and during the night he kept rollling over and when I look he is like right up laying on my shoulder or laying really close to me something he normally doesn't do. I left this morning and we said bye he gave me the lame hug and said we could talk more later. I offered for him to come over if he wanted later but he said he prob wouldn't be around. saw he is at a bar on snapchat lol. has anyone ever gone through something like this? Did you guys ever get back together? To me I don't know why but i feel like he is saying one thing to me and feeling another, like he has feelings but not coming out with them. I don't know he is very confusing.


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  • Why would you be with someone that doesn't reciprocate your feeling? He's only with you because you're fucking him with no strings attached. He will never develop feelings for you and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. You're making many mistakes


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