What does it mean when she doesn't text back for days?

Went on this date with this girl, everyone I've talked to about it thought it went well. Sent a text two days later saying hey I know we aren't suppose to see each other for a couple months but I don't wanna wait that long what do you say?

Shes days that she doesn't want to wait that long either.

(Time between response: 2 hrs)

I replied to that a day later (the Friday before Easter) saying, yea lets break this cycle we are on what's your schedule?

Her reply to that was, hey how was your Easter, this is my schedule what's yours?...She replied the following Monday.

The next reply from me was my Easter was great blah blah blah, this is my schedule. Lets get together before work (we both work till 9).

I send that Monday and not is Friday morning and nothing. What do you do?


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  • First let me try to understand your timestamps; then I will state my answer.

    [Date] - {(48 Hours Later) [Text] - (2 Hours Later) [Her Response] - (24 Hours Later) [Your Response] - (48 Hours Later) [Her Response] - (Less than 24 Hours Later) [Your Response]} - (More than 96 hours Later)[No Response] ...

    Obviously I was trying to figure out a pattern between your conversational cycles. My question is, why did take so long for you to follow up on the next date? From the time frames of each response, I have to say that relationship is down the drain. I mean, why did you two plan so far ahead for your next date; a whole entire month?

    Then you started to plan to meet her, and it takes you a whole day before responding to her response. I'm not sure who is playing the games or what. But it's down the drain my friend; her response is already two days out of the cycle.

    • The only thing wrong with the times stamps is after her 48hours later response mine was 5 hours later. then she hasn't responded. So you think I screwed up, can I salvage it?

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    • I know I have to let her go as anything more then a friend but do you think I should text her just asking about her day and such as friends

    • You don't have to do anything; if you however choose too, then that's totally up to you. Just leave it alone if possible and move on.

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  • she doesn't sound interested or she's extremely busy. if I want to go out with someone, I'd let them know soon.

  • I sense that she's not interested. Try not texting her and if you don't hear from her again...move on. She probably just didn't want to hurt your feelings.


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  • not interested...

  • it usually mean they're not interested or playing games


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