Getting over someone?

So I don't know I guess I got played by this chick. She always seems super interested in person and leads me back on anytime i back up, but has yet to reply to my texts. Its kind of frustrating, but I'm tired of worrying about this shit. And I don't wanna chase her and crawl to her disposal. What do you do to forget about someone? Any good ideas to distract my mind?


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  • Good for you for coming to this decision. It's not easy to deal with things like this, but unfortunately they do happen.
    To forget about someone, I find it easiest to keep your mind busy, and work on building yourself more too. Begin a new hobby, find something new to do, reconnect with friends, spend time going out or venture around to new places. Work on unfinished projects or start a new one. Try out a new video game, try to write / keep a journal and reflect on things to change, or stuff you want to work on about yourself, and begin doing so.
    Keep people you trust, and have fun spending time with around more, as friends and family can always help give you that bit of motivation and happiness whenever you need it.

    Honestly, this girl doesn't deserve to occupy your mind. You can do much better. You deserve to be happy, so do what makes you happy, and you'll get over her in no time.
    Best of luck!

  • Be active, go for runs or lift weights while listening to loud music you will be too out of breath to think about it.


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