I've had feelings for a guy over three years now?

I dated this guy for a few months and then he randomly started ignoring me and went back to his ex shortly after starting to ignore me. A couple months later, he started talking to me again and told me he still loved me, but soon, started ignoring me again. This has been a continuous cycle for almost 3 years except he had a serious girlfriend for over a year which ended in June. Now, he is talking to me again and at school, everywhere I turn, he's there behind me. He compliments me a lot and listens to me and we have nice conversations, but i don't think he has feelings for me. I've dated other guys, but never stopped caring for him and I would choose him over any other guy. I think I'm so attached because I never got closure all of the times he just ditched me and never got an explanation to why I wasn't good enough. What should I do? Talking to him makes me really happy, I'm just scared that it won't last and I wish we could have a relationship again.
I've had feelings for a guy over three years now?
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