Would you end your relationship with her?

My girlfriend, LDR, lost her home due to unforeseen circumstances 2 weeks ago. Her family proposed that she move back in with her ex-husband temporarily to save money and get back on her feet. She and her ex have a very difficult past and she cannot stand him but has 3 children with him that he has yet to pay child support for, they have no place else to go. All her family live in other cities. She does not want to do this, would prefer a shelter, but asked me what I thought. I told her to do it, since it is just for 3 weeks and he is always gone. She told me he also has a girlfriend that he could go and spend time at her place too. Now I am having second thoughts and thinking of breaking up with her even though she is the love of my life. It hurts me because I'm far away and can't help her, I have no money and can't help her. She is beautiful and hard working and loves her kids, I know she has a rough time and I had made so many promises to her... going to her country and building her a home. Her kids got to know me and they were excited that I was coming but now I just can't do it. She didn't cheat, I know it, they don't like each other, but it makes me uncomfortable. I feel awful cause I know if I do this, she will take it very hard and I would also be letting her kids down too, breaking all of their hearts. Also, she will be very, very mad as well as deeply hurt. Both our families have supported us and gotten to know each other, everyone will be upset as I was telling her I wanted to get married to her, calling her my future wife to everyone... should I end this?
Would you end your relationship with her?
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