I am very jealous? What can I do to get over this pain?

my ex and i were together for 3 years. We were our first love. He was my first kiss, first touch and everything. He really loved me, i am sure of that. I really loved him too. We broke up this summer just before he went to a summer school. He said we needed to since he is going to a university abroad. Even though he still has one year in highschool he still wanted to break up. He said he will always love me and i was the one. He kissed me and we broke up. But it never felt like we broke up. He still texted me saying i am his cutie while he was abroad. But after 2 weeks he started to text less. And then just 2 weeks before his return to our country, he uploaded a photo with an Asian girl. He carries her in his arms. I can not describe how it felt. I felt like he cheated on me. I am an attractive girl and there are so many boys that would want to date me. But when he started this girl, i started to see all of my flaws. I exaggerate her beauty on my mind. I feel so jealous. Now my ex returned to our country and says he never dated this girl. But i saw the pics even if he says they were friendly i dont belive him. They still talk on Skype. After my ex returned he texted me and i couldnt help but become immature. I asked him how he forgets me this easily and how he could cheated on me. He blocked me. After two days he unblocked me and texted me again. Now we talk as a friend but i can never stop this pain. I feel so bad about myself. He is still talking to me, we sometimes meet but i know he is not into me anymore. Sometimes he flirts with me but i think it is only because we have history. He is over me but i am not. I keep looking at their photos over and over again. How can i forget him? How can i regain my confidence? Will i found love again? I feel like i won't love or be loved again.
I am very jealous? What can I do to get over this pain?
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