Does this look like abuse or a normal fall?


I have already contacted the police and my attorney. At the moment I am going through a high conflict custody battle. The judge has ruled in my favor but my ex is not happy. He basically went into the court and lied saying i abused our child. The judge saw through it and ruled in my favor. Although this has happened my ex refused to sign court order and has not made any child support payments. Lawyer is going to have to do a motion to enter.

My son who is 5 went to dad's house Thursday afternoon and i got him back Fri evening. When was dressing him i noticed a huge bruise on his leg. i asked him and he said his dad hit him with a spoon. i called his dad he said it was already there but thats a lie bc i bathed him Wednesday eve. What does this look like to you?

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its on the front of his thigih
Does this look like abuse or a normal fall?
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