How can I get some one to divorce help me to tell me what to do?

It's going to be a dissolution with kids?


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  • Contact an attorney or legal aid.

    • How much is this Alaska

    • Not sure. Never dealt with an attorney. Best bet is to consult a free legal aid agency for women to work out options.

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  • Ask them for one. But make sure you 150% want that. It's damn final.

    • I have been wanting this For years please why can it be easy. It like a trap being married aha help me

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    • Be willing to let your kids see him and have him as a father figure and not talk bad about him in front of them. I can't even imagine how hard it is to live where you aren't happy!

    • I do. We okay with kids. I think it extremely easy to divorce without kids. But we been married 3 years

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