Why is my ex treating me like his girlfriend?

So we were in a long distance relationship for nine months and together for a year and a half. He decided to end things up because we were fighting a lot, I accepted and dealt with it. A month after that he returned home (he's at college) for summer break and he started talking to me again. At first I told him not to if he just wanted to be friends, he stopped for a couple of days and then started talking to me again which I accepted because now I knew he just wanted to be friends and I couldn't get my hopes up. We hung out a couple of times and one of them he told me that he had to explain to me some things: he really loved me, liked me, got along with me perfectly fine but at that moment circumstances were hard because he wasn't going to return home the next two summer breaks. We agreed to try things out again in the future. We had been just been friends since then (even though he has always gotten jealous of other guys), but recently he returned to college and he's been super loving. He sent me a picture of his dorm and he even has two pictures with me hanging, he worries about my health, he talks about hanging out with me when we see each other, he tells me i'm beautiful and that he still thinks about marrying me someday... the other day he even told me he wanted to kiss me. Why did he break up with me and acts like my bf? Wouldn't it be the same to be in a relationship? P. S. We didn't have sex after breaking up, we only kissed once.


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  • He wants you back, but only for sex.

    • Do you really think so? I mean, he lives in another country... He could get that from some other girl who lives at his campus

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  • I had one ex just like yours. They are total bastards, i am sorry girl. But dont believe him. My ex broke up with me because he will go to a college abroad. But he still texted me calling me cutie, and a few love words between just two of us. I assumed that the reason of the break up is he still loves me but he just he could never go with a long distance relationship. believing in that, i continue to be his on my mind, it was just the same as how we were when we were lovers. It continied like that until he found a girl and never considering my feels, he uploaded pics with her. I felt really heartbroken. The reason i told you this is that he thinks he loves you right now, because now you are the only girl he has. When he finds another one in his new environment, you'll be gone. And when you freak out about the situation, he would say "but we broke up!" Never ever let him play with you. I did and i wanted to tell you this.


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