B/f and I broke up a month ago but continued hanging out but I pushed too much to get back together. now I'm trying to not contact him, but how long?

we broke up about a month ago because he's not sure he can see is ever getting married. we continued hanging out and things got better but I misinterpreted that as things changing and he said that wasn't the case. he seemed to distance himself from me a little after that and became extra self conscious of things he was doing with me to be too much of "boyfriend things to do."

now I am trying to give him some space before I contact him again but I am so worried it's too late and he's going to move on before I reach out. I haven't tried to contact him in 5 days. my guy friend said I should give him sometime to see if he realizes he's being dumb. how long should I go without contacting him before I reach out again? would it be bad to then suggest we continue hanging out with no label and no pressure?


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  • If he actually wants you and is in love with you, he'll contact YOU and will fight for you considering he's the one who is the one who doesn't want to commit and distanced himself. Contacting him just shows tell him you can't move on, be your own person and is still into him despite his lack of commitment in trying to make it work between you too. If he loves you he'll be scared of losing you...

  • They usually say no contact is a month. If he cared for you he won't move on that fast


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