Ex and sleeping together, all of a sudden him changing his thoughts?

We broke up 4 months ago from what was a great relationship but short. I still want to be with him but I don't know. Since the bu we have slept together a few times until now. On Thursday night i went to his house and he asekd how i felt about what we were doing. I responded in all honsety that I still had and always will have feelings for him. I believe he is the one thats getting away to me. He asked if i was able to separate the 2 and i said in a way yes. I can but like i said feelings. Anyway We had sex that night and i slept over as always. teh next morning he asked if i was still ok and said we would talk more later. He texted the next day saying he thought about it and doesn't think its a god idea because he doesn't want to stick me in a weird position since i have feelings and its not fair to either of us. I am not sure how to respnd to his text and I don't know if i should text back now as he is on vacation and i want to type a lot. is it wrong of me to tell him my feelings and express that I think he just gave up too soon on us and i wish we tried again or what, and why all of a sudden a change in what we were doing? We have done this for 4 monts and he didn't seem to have a problem or it seemed as if he didn't. If he didn't want me anymore then why the initial contact after the bu, why not just let me be ya know. Could he ever come back if i tell him my true feelings.
Ex and sleeping together, all of a sudden him changing his thoughts?
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