I cheated on my girlfriend so I broke up with her. How evil am I?

I had been dating a girl for a long time, and I will probably always love her. But, in May, she wasn't satisfying me, and instead of breaking up with her, I cheated. So I had to confess to her, and tell her about what I did, and that I can't date someone that I love, because she shouldn't have to forgive a terrible person like me.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Cheating on her was bad, but you obviously realize what you did was wrong and you've admitted that to her which is good. You just need to forgive yourself now.

    • I'm not sure if I should forgive myself though. It was honestly the worst thing I've ever done to someone, and I find it hard to look at myself in the mirror

    • It'll take time, try to find something you can learn from what happened though, it might help. You made a mistake, but you've learnt from that mistake and you know not to do it again.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well yeah, of course cheating is never okay because it can completely demolish the vibe of any relationship, but you were honest which shows that you have a conscience.
    But, my friend, you lack good communication because you should have told her that you were dissatisfied and are willing to help restore some of the lost passion or whatever it was. Cheating was bad, but you did tell her. Now splitting up with her... I don't think you should have, but everyone is different.
    How did she handle the cheating and breaking up anyways?

    • She was angry, but she was happy that I was telling the truth, and agreed that we shouldn't date any longer. We are probably going to be able to be friends in the future. It was a good break up.

    • Oh okay. That's good to hear, then. It might be hard being friends, though, if you or her still have feelings, but that is all in the future!

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  • Well, you are bad but you aren't so bad, so it's between B and C.
    The bad: You cheated
    The good: You have told her and broke up with her.

    Too many cheaters deny responsibilities of having cheated on someone or hiding their cheaty acts, which you did not.

  • You're a pretty terrible person, but at least you didn't deceive her.

  • That was evil, if she wanted to break up with you she would be perfectly in the right, but for you to add insult on to injury by breaking up with her without asking her whether that is what she wanted. You are like Francois Hollande.

    • Man, trust me, she was done with me. She was quite pleased that I did that.

    • Well I guess than that was fine, but you still cheated and i think you should take some time to think about that.

  • your a terrible person, but its good that you realized your mistake. so move on

  • i respect u for cheating :p
    at least u said the truth :)

  • "You are Jesus" ?

  • I blame feminism