Do I stay or go back to my first love?

My (ex) fiance of four years and father of my child left me in February. Months of begging, on and off counseling, being used for sex, and intense changes on my end and it seemed pointless and that he really no longer loved me or even wanted to.

Two months ago I meet this man, three years older, in the Marines, and we clicked almost instantly. We share many of the same beliefs and he's very affectionate and dedicated to me.

Two days after Marine asks me out, my ex "came back". We still live together due to finances, and one morning while we were talking he leaned in to kiss me, and I declined. I asked what did he want, that he said he was done and didn't love me. He told me "love is a choice" and he wanted to choose to love me again.

I'm so lost and hurt as to what I should do. I obviously still love my ex, but I don't know if this is genuine or if I can get over my fear he'll leave again. Should I try to work this out for my child's sake and trust he'll genuinely work on our relationship, or should I keep moving forward and be with this new man?

PS, he did not know of the new man when he "came back", so its not jealousy or possessiveness.


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  • He can just as easily stop loving you again, and now he has a history of it. Let the ex go.

  • make up your damn mind


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