Situation with ex confusing?

Been broken up with ex for 4 months. Our bu wasn't bad but not expected as I didn't see it coming and he was going through some hard times. Well after the bu we still talked etc and had sex. therewas no talk about what we were doing. I still feel like there is something there worth exploring with us bc the common interest and connection is there and everyone see/saw it. Anyway we had the talk the other night when I went over. We did have sex and I slept over but he asked if I was ok with what was going on I told him I still had feelings but in a way can separate it. The next day he texted me saying he didn't think it was a good idea because of how I still felt and not fair to both of us esp me. I'm still going to have a talk to him about how I feel and how I felt like he gave up. He is also on vacation and doing snapchat stories while there he's in Disney. He snap chatted. Dead people in wedding dresses and tombstones with captions saying some guys have all the luck. I sort of feel like that's like he wants me to see it or whatever. he also just randomly followed my friend on Instagram which is weird considering my friends don't like him anymore after what we are going through. It's just a weird situation and it feel like he is unsure of what he wants I think, but for some reason I feel like there's still something either now or down the road but he is confusing why would he add my friend and do all the snapchat stuff?


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  • There's nothing now or in the future. Of course he'll fuck you. He can do it with no commitment or strings attached. It's over, get over it and move on


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