Why did he get so jealous?

Ive been dating a guy for about 5 months. He recently got very funny to me, didn't want to talk, etc. Said he was very busy. So I gave him his space like he asked. Now he is on a rather long business trip, and we have spoke twice this week. Tonight he called me way earlier than expected, which is ok, but when he asked what I was doing...I said I was going to (a popular city) he got very jealous. He says "who are you going with, what are you going to be doing there, what do you have a date tonight". I answered each question honestly...I was going with my kids to hang out and no there was no date. He says well...since you are going to be up rather late tonight I will call you later.

What's the problem here? He cut me off from talking to me for awhile, and when he thinks that I might be moving on he gets very jealous. I wasn't moving on, I was doing my own thing as he is not even in the state. Nor was I waiting around for him to call.


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  • Sounds like trouble hun simply not worth it. Here is my take on why. Men have always been a protective type even if it does not show trust me we are. When we date a girl we see it as you are ours in a way. Duty to protect & since we don't want to lose you to another man making us look bad. We protect & get jealous. Not talking to you for so long is a bad sign in the first place. He has trust issues. The part we he thinks your seeing another is a little tricky but in short He does not trust you. I bet when you & the girls have a night out he calls a lot or ask a ton of questions. His also probably cheated on you too. Normally when a guy cheats he thinks the girl is cheating so he gets all clingy & what not. Hope this helps sorry for being so long

    • MrCoyote said it all....there's nothing left to say..lol Good Job exper level 1. Ty_lady!

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  • sounds like a loser sorry that much jellousy isn't good

  • It sounds like he is saying he wants to move on but doesn't want you to because he still cares about you? I really don't know but he sounds like a jerk and I think its best if you move on.


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