Simple question. How do I avoid... my ex at school?

Wish it was easier to actually do it then say it. I see him walk by my Spanish class... I can't help looking at the door to see who is coming before the bells rings when I sit in a rows of seats thats in front of the door. I don't have feelings anymore, not that I know of. Thank god. Don't get jealous or anything. It's just seeing him. I tell myself that he doesn't exist and it's all in my head but you know. It is what it is.


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  • You transfer to a different school is how.

    Don't worry about it. High school means nothing.

    • I already transfered for my 9th and 10th... I can't transfer bc of one guy? High school may not be nothing to you but it is something to me.

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    • Applying for college is so overwhelming.

    • That is a different question.

      This may help. There are three considerations in college: What to major in, where to go, and what is the relationship between your choice of major's career salary and the cost of attendance. If you get this right, then you will be successful. If not, you can get yourself into serious debt. Talk to your hs councilor about these choices and on where to find information.

      If you don't know what you want to do, then go to community college first.

      When you apply to college, apply to at least a high, medium, and low preference. The low is the one you are 100% sure will accept you and the high is that you pray to get in, but probably won't. Just make sure that wherever you apply that the cost is worth your choice of career.

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  • Just walk to the other side when you see him, or simply just hang with your friends while you're in lunch or hallways.

    • Except. I'm in a classroom. Thank god i don't see him in the halls...

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    • Sometimes you got to take minor risks...

      It's not like your gonna stay in highschool until the day you die.

    • True. But I do have to stay in high school for a year or so.

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