Why do others get a second chance with her but not me?

Broke up with my ex a week ago, Now about her history we've been dating since maybe early march we started out as friends and got together after she broke up with her boyfriend, (shes always been bi) we got kinda serious but her now girlfriend pissed her off by dating her now friend which is her ex before the girl i'm talking about got together and made her jealous she's even let her very first ex back into her life after he sent her through drinking and depression that's apparently with her and even blew me off after complaining about us not spending much time together to go "talk with him" and then be suprised when I get upset over it, and after things in my life clear up and I am trying to spend time with her she dumps me and gives me several bs reasons as to why "I don't love you anymore." "I need to find myself and even told me she wouldn't be in a relationship for a long time." 1 week later she's in a relationship with her ex that I talked about before and refused to talk to me for a week. when neither of them got the same treatment as me a guy who never did anything to her tried to be there for her whenever I could. I've only ever "dated" older women and this reminds me why i don't waste my time on immature little shits the same age as me who I try to help them to get to know themselves but they can't and in return I get hurt because of it and now I feel nothing but anger and contempt for her but i'm still talking to her as a friend and I'm thinking of becoming someone who just uses people if trying to help gets me this, I am so livid I don't even know any words to describe how angry I feel right now how pathetic I feel for what happened to me and for even dating her, All she did was complain and message me "Babe love me" she never fucking tried and I am so... angry no matter who i talk to all I get is for me to get over it... I have never ever treated any of my "friends" that way let alone her so why just why...
Why do others get a second chance with her but not me?
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