Ex Wants Me to Leave Current Boyfriend...

My Ex and I broke up on Valentines day (wonderful I know) and just recently I have started dating a guy who was there for me through a lost of my heart breaks lately, he's a good friend, who is sometimes mean to my ex (for obvious reasons) and well My ex just discovered I'm dating him today and confronted me about it, asking why I was dating him... Sadly all I could do is loo him in the eyes and say: "Says the guy who dumped me over text message through his friends phone because he doesn't have the balls to do it in person!" and stormed away; later I received a text that said "You can do better."

I'm wondering why he would say that especially because My Boyfriend Care about me more than my ex ever did, my friends say "He didn't know what he had until he gave it up" But I wanna know from a guys point of view. What do you think about this?
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I'm deleting this question... he already broke up with me...
Ex Wants Me to Leave Current Boyfriend...
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