If a girl tried to destroy your life after a breakup what does it mean?

If a girl tried to destroy you, I think it can mean she was really hurt. That means she had at least some real feelings deep down. What say you?


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  • Destroying someone's life is an act of anger. Anger is an outward manifestation of hurt and frustration. So she's obviously really hurt inside , and can't control her emotions so lashes out in a violent way. That doesn't condone what she did though, because it shows she's a vindictive person with no self-control


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  • That is a demonstration of female nature.
    It is important for men to ensure that they never let a woman know anything that can be used against them.
    Most relationships fail and 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce. Imagine how many vindictive and vengeful women there must be out there.
    Never, ever, trust a woman with knowledge of anything, because there is a high probability that one day she will use that knowledge to hurt you.


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  • Not necessarily, it could just be sour grapes for you rejecting her. Some girls can be very petty when it comes to being ditched.


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