My dream girl, I want her back. but how?

i was seeing this girl everthing was great, she broke up with me on fri 15th said she just lost her feelings, then on 2days later messaged me and asked me to come by, said she wanted to get back together and we did then the next day i saw her after work and i felt like she needed to know i couldn't be picked up and dropped and that i didn't wanna be with her (which was a lie and i regret it so much) she was saying she can change and just wanted to be with me. but i just dropped her home, then the next day i went back around and she said she don't know what she wants anymore but i talked her into seeing where it could go and she agreed then 2days later i saw her and she was off so i said to her there's no point if you ain't gonna try. she just gave me a look. i got a new job and she said she still wants to remain friends and she cares about me and wants to know how im getting on. so i agreed but she said she ain't getting back with me, she still looks at all of my snaps on snapchat. she awnsered my call today and seemed happy to hear my voice but it was like a 3minute covosation and i ended the convosation.

is there anything i can do to increase my chances of trying to get her back? or am i in that hopeless situation? she has said that she has wondered what if or how could we get things back. id do anything to be with her again, i even asked if we could still have sex but she said wouldn't that be awkward as i still have feelings for her. its been just over a month now?
like I've been told to just not put nothing up on snapchat and dont call or text just do a dissappearing act to make her think about me, does she even still think about me? what can i do? i think about her 24/7 there's nothing i want more in the world
My dream girl, I want her back. but how?
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