Tips for letting go of an ex?

I broke up with my LD boyfriend in Late May of this year. I broke it off because about 2 weeks prior to the end of the relationship, he started being a real dick to me for no reason all of the sudden (that, and the fact that he's still in love with his stupid ex). I decided that I wasn't gonna put up with that, but we still continued talking as friends. He was giving me mixed signals for about 2 months after that too. He still did like me, I was aware of that and I was hoping that he would change, but knew he wouldn't. As of maybe the past month or so, he's really acting odd. He became more distant.

So I finally decided that it's best for me if I just let go of him completely. I'm not entirely over him, and all he ever does is hurt me, even if he doesn't mean to. It seems like every time I try to let go, he talks to me again. That wouldn't be such an issue but he'll just completely ignore my replies half the time because he's playing WoW online with his friends... and that's all he does most of the time. He has no job, so I think a simple reply isn't too much to ask for, but whatever. I think that he doesn't care about me much at all if he'll just 'forget' to reply all the time like that. It does hurt, but he's a jerk and he needs to go. I'm just having trouble completely letting go.

Tips for letting go of an ex?
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