Do you think he'll come back?

My boyfriend and I just split after 6 months of dating. We were together for most of it, but he recently moved back home which is four hours away from me. He was always very good to me, and I was a very good girlfriend to him. He had a tendency to think about the future too much and it would scare him, and as soon as he would do that, he would push me away for a few days (which was very hurtful). But afterward, he always came back crying saying he loved me a lot and was sorry that he ever questioned it. This happened a handful of times before he officially ended things with me. He used to be very optimistic about the future, but as time went on, he became more weary and we'd never talk about it. I never brought it up much either. Every time we were together, he was all over me and visibly in love. He would literally stare into my eyes for lengths of time. We had broken up once before a few weeks prior to this breakup, but within a day he had missed me and wanted to see me, and we worked it out. Everything seemed perfectly fine until out of nowhere, he tells me to leave his house and doesn't contact me for a few days. Eventually I called and he broke up with me. This time it's been almost a week and he does not want to see me at all or even talk about working it out. He says he still loves me, but he is afraid that he's not ready for the commitment at his age and he doesn't want to keep getting back with me and getting afraid of commitment each time. I'm pretty heartbroken over it, as I love him very much and I have hopes that one day in the future he might regret ending it and come back. Personally, I think he needs time to mature and realize what he is letting go, as I am his first real girlfriend and his first love, whereas I have dated a few people before and I know what I'm looking for. In about a year, I will be moving close to him for grad school, so I feel like our timing is just right now also. What's your take on this? Do you think he might come back at one point?
Do you think he'll come back?
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