Should I break up with him?

So I met a guy on one of those dating sites and that's same night we decided to get together and hangout. (No intention of hooking up with him) but in hindsight I should have probably asked him his name when we first got together.
so we get together and and smoke some weed and we decided to go to the movies... We talked a little and kind made out in the theater. When the movie was over I was just planning on dropping him off but one thing led to another and we hooked up in the back seat 😁🤐😵
the next day he texted me and wanted yo meet up again and I agreed but this time we really got to talking and I kinda didn't really feel attracted to him and I felt like we didn't have anything in common but he told me he wanted to get to know me. We both explained how we don't normally just hookup with complete strangers so we decided to I guess kinda go out and spend time together.
We went out about 6times but when we just hangout I feel like I kinda can't stand him like we're opposites. And he always talks about "us" like he really likes me. He told me he wanted to delete all my dating apps and stuff if we were going to try to have a thing and I guess I agreed because I felt like I had to because we had already had sex.(I totally could have stopped going out with him after the second actual date but tmi the sex is so bomb... .😜💦🙈🔥)
i really don't feel like there really is a future for us it's been about a month and I feel like he likes me more than I do him. Like he wanted to meet my parents and stuff. ( he has told me multiple times he really cares about me and he always tells me he misses me and gets upset if I don't text back)
I don't want to keep leading him on but I don't want to hurt him.
I don't know what to tell him, or how

Should I break up with him?
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