My ex insults me? Acts like he didn't mean it after?

So my ex and I broke up about 2 years ago and we were together for about 2 years and half. Last time I saw him was October and we fell off bad over a pretty bad argument and didn't speak to each other. About two months ago he contacted me via Twitter and since I was no longer angry, I went along with the conversation until he suggested we hang out and I told him no because it was a bad idea considering last time we hung out and things got bad. He then apologized and said he wanted to talk about it and that he felt bad about it ever since, but I told him it was pointless. He continued being nice and suggested we hang out a couple of more times, so I agreed to and decided to give it a try. We hung out and it went pretty well actually, we were both friendly and had a good time. Last night I jokingly posted on snapchat the intro to a movie with the caption "________ and chill" where he messaged me saying "Fucking thot" to which I responded "wtf is your problem?" and he didn't respond. I may hate to admit it but I was actually starting to think nicer of him until last night. Any explanation as to why he acts this way towards me? I haven't contacted him but he'll probably contact me again and say I'm being too sensitive and can't take a joke.


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  • why do u feed into his games after it been so long? its like ur allowing him to think little of u and to treat u like crap :(

    • I guess I do need to stop trying to see the good in people

    • no... seeing the good in people is one of the best things a person can do.
      but allowing them to treat u like garbage is just unfair!

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