How can I get revenge on a guy that played me if it's possible?

I caught him before it got to far. How can I show him he fucked up?


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  • The best kind of revenge is to karma. Which means just get over him and move on. He doesn't even deserve the effort


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  • Don't - be a bigger person and forget about it. Your life can't possibly be so shallow that you have to get revenge on a low life who wronged you. He won't care by the way and it won't help you either, and years later you'll look back on your "revenge" with embarrassment. So do yourself a favor and don't do it, just walk away from this moron and rid yourself of him for good. That's the best revenge you could possibly have - removing yourself from his life.

    • I was thinking like losing weight or something.. not crazy. But thank you.

  • Nobody played you, not really. Remember, it takes two and you were half of this relationship.

    If you keep judging him, you're really judging yourself and that's not fair either. At the time you met and you fell for him, it seemed like a good idea. Now you would maybe not go with him but that's because HE taught you something. There's only one way to learn and that's through experience.

    So you should thank him for being such a good teacher and only remember the good in him that you fell for. Then you can move on and you will.

    I hope this helps.

  • Walk away like you mean it ;)

    And stop thinking about him.


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  • He won't care.
    Seriously just leave it and let go


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