I'm the only person my ex has and its making me feel really sad to move on?

All my ex has is his mom and me. I broke up with him about 5 weeks ago, but we still talk like friends almost every night.
Last night he called me crying. He said when is old mother passes away, he will have no one. The only other person he thought he would have was me and we would start a family together, but since we broke up, he realized he lost that and now its just making it really hard for me to move on. I almost felt like getting back with him and giving him a family, but then I thought I can not be with him anymore. We just wouldn't be right for each other... I just feel so sad for him and it hurts me so much. He was adopted and never had a father figure. His sister was a drug addict and they have a rocky relationship. His cousin who was like his brother and best friend told him to get lost and never speak to him again. He says no one ever sticks around and abandons him eventually, except his 68 year old mom. I just dont know what to do.


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  • I feel terrible for this situation. However, you did break up with him for what I assume are very legitimate reasons. He needs to be able to move on, and I hope that you are clear with him what you intend (friendship).

  • My not so humble opinion is, you already chose to end it with him. Stand by your decision, my guess is he wants you back. He's upset and feeling down about it. He's using your kind Hart to try to get you back. He is not trying to do anything wrong. He just has to accept things just always go the way he wants. I can say this because I have been him, even now after 28 years of marriage if my wife decided she needed to move on. well I would be alone my kids are grown and moved on living there own lives.

    You already made you decision, I would tell him just that. I know that sucks. But that's life. Just remember you have to do what is right by God and you they are the only people you can never get away from. How they deal with it is up to them you are not responsible for there actions.

    (Yea I know I bought God into it, I'm a Christian it's who I am. I will not apologize for it. )


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