Don't know what to do, help?

I never gave my ex girlfriend space i basicly pushed her in the arms of the new guy she would block me and unblock me to talk to me but i begged and pleaded she doesn't want to talk to me and she wants me to leave her alone and she blocked me everywhere i really dont want to lose communcation or the friendship


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  • Doesn't sound good. I think if you have a said your piece, there is not much more you can do. She said she wanted you to leave her alone, and if you don't she will probably be more upset.

    • I've left her alon for almost a month now

    • Sounds like she is moving on with her life. I've been rejected plenty of times. At least you're still young, there will be more fish in the sea. If she loves you then she'll come back or have your paths cross again.

    • I do really love her and i hope we met again

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