Ex boyfriend and I broke up last week, why is he treating me different to the way he treated an ex?

My ex and I were together a year and we broke up last week. we have spoken a few times since. He has now removed a lot of pictures off Facebook but not all of them. It's still very fresh the break up. With his ex though (they had been broken up a year before we got together) he still had all his pictures up. It feels like he doesn't want anyone to know I meant something to him. Why has he treated me different?


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  • Two things happen as guys go through more and more relationships:

    (1) They gradually become less and less interested in relationships and lose those "lovey" feelings.
    (2) They get smarter as to how to "play the game" of winning over women.

    My guess is (2). He removed these pictures because he knows they will get in the way of him finding his next girlfriend. If I broke up with my girlfriend, the first thing I'd be doing is removing all our pictures simply because that would limit my chances of finding my next girlfriend.

    Seriously though, who cares. You are putting too much thought into this.


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  • Who broke up you or your bf? Maybe the break up was more hurtful then the last one...


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  • You must have hurt him more


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