Advice for a heartbroken girl?

I know I wrote a lot, but please read and help me! I am heart-broken and I need some tips and advice. This guy was the first guy that I dated and was serious with. We dated for about 3 months. He was the first guy that I really, really liked. When we were together I was happy. He was so kind and loving toward me. He knew what to do and what to say. I think I fell for him. But if I'm gonna be honest, there were some small issues too. We couldn't talk about everything and we were both still a little bit shy. We didn't hang out too much either. At the end we both figured out what we didn't work out too well. I noticed him losing interest and I slowly gave up and stopped making an effort. There were insecurities on both sides. I didn't know if he was really into me and I was insecure about when it came to being faithful, which he always was. He was insecure about what I did when I was out partying and how I behaved toward my guy friends. Also his friends had said something about me, which was not true at all, but it all made him insecure. I noticed him slowly losing interest. We recently talked and he mentioned his insecurities and said that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet, and that we should stay friends. I agreed, but now I'm heart-broken. I feel like I'm never gonna find someone like him. He has those special looks, a gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, nice laugh, good personality, great humor, good hugger and the best kisser. I feel like he totally highed my standards. I'm never gonna find a guy like him, that can do those special little things he did, has the same great humor etc. He was my kind of perfect and I'm so sad. I'm afraid I'm never gonna get over him, and that I'm never gonna find a guy as good as him.


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  • I know it hurts right now but like other people say, you will get better.

    Also, remember he told you he's not ready. If you really like him you will listen to him and try to make him happy and not force something that he doesn't want. It sounds hard but it's really easy: just tell him you hear what he's saying and okay, we'll just be friends.

    This is the best bet for getting back as well, since you'll allow him time to miss you, if he is so disposed.

    I hope this helps a bit. Just stay with it, you'll feel better.
    Good luck.


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  • I say just stay friends, you never know what will happen in the future

    • What do you mean? That we could get back together?

    • I think you guys are young and need time to figure yourselves out. Then maybe you two will grow to date again or maybe not, who knows

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  • Hi :) try not to worry to much about it (I know that sounds stupid) the first person you fall in love with is always special wether the relationship works out or not.
    When you fall in love for the first time it involves trial and error as well as experiment because you won't necessarily know how to deal with situations when they come up.
    He may still be the one - maybe try and meet up with him to talk about it and see if you can work out your differences. Tell him how you really feel, ask him if he feels the same way about you as you do about him.
    Don't let it break your heart because your still young and have your whole life ahead of you. I have been in the same situation and trust me things will get better your just still learning about the type of guy that suites you that's all :)


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  • Give him some space, he'll be back. In the meantime join the gym or go out running, listen to music, spend time with friends in my opinion these are the essentials to help a broken heart along with a big bottle of wine. Good luck x


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