Quick question, how do I get over my 1st love?

Well the story is complexed. Its someone who you didn't date date but you met them from middle school. I'm a junior now and he's a senior (can't wait for him to graduate and get out of here). I was in the bathroom and there was this "bathroom news letter" Apparently, it had my ex name on it.. and it just felt weird seeing it. I felt like ripping every news letter around or scratching the name off.. I've been thinking why i can't move on. Then from that moment, I've realized.. 1st love is hard whether it was real or not. I fell hard. Because of my stupid childhood mistakes that made me grow and acknowledge things. There are questions about my ex left unanswered, but that's okay. Everything in life doesn't have to be answered. Maybe it's for the best. I got jealous because my friend had the courage to speak to her crush no matter how hard it was. I was a coward to even talk to my crush ever chance I had... SO... how do I let go? I pretend like he doesn't exist. But I can't help it that something happens that involves him. Like, the newspaper or... seeing that person in the halls..


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  • You will meet the right person at the right time when you are ready. Dont rush things, focus on yourself and it will happen naturally.

  • First loves will always mean something to you. You won't always love him, but he will always have some significance to your life. I am 26 and my first "love" and I started dating when we were 15 & we broke up at 17. It was so hard, I cried for so long, I legitimately thought I was going to die alone and die from heartbreak. But you do move on, you do get over it. I sometimes think about him, but in no means do I love him still. I met my (now) husband at 18 and realised that what I had with him was a deep and passionate love and not what I had with my boyfriend at 15, it was this young immature infatuation. But none of the less it doesn't hurt any less when you're 16 and going through "heart break". I suggest keeping busy, hanging out with your friends and just know that you will meet so many people in your life and that you will be fine :)

    • I thought i was done with the heart break :( I was relieved. But seeing him in halls and seeing his name.. I just over think things. Not about the past. But something particular. There is this guy from 3rd grade and I haven't seen him in so long and I got so happy last week that I got to see him again. It was like we were lovers. He went to my high school but didn't talk to me till he had the courage to talk to me last week. At times, I felt like at my worst times, I want to talk to him but I don't know if he still likes me. 8yrs long time no see is a long time.

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