What's wrong with me?

I can't seem to be satisfied by anybody. Every male who peaks my interest I strap them to my belt for later use. By later use I mean if all of my options fail except for one, I can focus all of my attention on that one. But like... I feel bad for playing these guys, but I eventually heard and hear through the grapevine how some of them are playing me. I don't know why that angers me, but it does. I like all of them, but I don't like just one enough to give up the rest. What's wrong with me? How do I go about getting rid of them all and starting over clean? What do I tell them? I just... need help, I don't know what to do


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  • lol I never had that problem. I have however gone exclusive while seeing 4-7 women. I simply told the other women "i'm off the market, I met someone". They were all pretty cool with it. sometimes it doesn't work out in even just a few days and I'm all "I'm available again" and hooked up that night... mature people don't really freak when you put them on ice, etc.

    Point being-you could simply CLAIM you met someone and are going exclusive or just tell them all the truth: I'm going off the market for a spell. (no need to mention that you're starting over).

    Nothing wrong with being a player unless you're lying to them. shit can get complicated, but you simply answer questions with short truth and leave it alone (ie don't add details, etc.)

    But the whole point of "playing" is to FIND one... that DOES hold your full attention. I did/have. I wouldn't trade 100 women for this one.


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