Me and my ex talked and she was about to cry?

my ex left me a month ago because her parents threatened to cut her off any financial support. Well I just talked to her the first time since then because she forgot important things at my place. We ended up talking about what's new with our lives and she was saying she was over me and it's nice we can talk civil and we discussed why we acted the way we did. Well she was nervous and towards the end I could see she was about to cry but she was trying to hide it. her eyes turned red and I could see tears building up. Does she still love me? Is she in denial? What in your opinion is going through her mind?


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  • How old is this woman? Her parents still financially support her? Did she leave you because they wanted her too? I wouldn't want to be with someone who chooses to leave me for money from my parents, like she can go get a job?

    • her parents blindsided her with threatening to cut her off college, take her car, and never help her again. She's really scared of what they think and what they'd do to her I know her more than anything and I can tell. But when we talked I apologized and explained why I overreacted. I also spoke my mind in a respectful way why I thought their narcissistic manipulative behavior was wrong. It ended with possibly getting coffee together sometime but yeah she was trying to hide her tears and pretending she moved on, I could clearly see she hasn't... I'm wondering if she may realize my point and reconsider...

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    • too scared to talk to them herself

    • Honestly I'm a loving caring generous man that won't give up in my life no matter what curve balls it throws at me. someone would have to shoot me before I'd ever give up. I just know that it can take time.

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  • I know it's hard to deal with all the many factors and people and motives. Plus your own feelings. And I know we are brought up to try and analyze each other's behavior and keeping score etc etc.

    However, it relly doesn't work. You will never be happy if you keep trying to control your environment this way. As long as you judge everyone around you, and yourself, ll you will get is more grief.

    Let her parents do what they want to do. Let her do what they want to do. Let her cry or not cry. If you've told her you'd like to be with her, well, then she knows. If she needs her parents' approval to everything, you might never have a great relationship anyway.

    Focus on yourself, especially your mind. Whenever you have judgmental thoughts or find yourself trying to analyze her, just let it go.

    Be yourself, and if it doesn't work out with her, well, then it didn't and you can, and will, find somebody better suited to you.

    I hope this helps a bit.
    Good luck.


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  • I think she is conflicted and might have felt emotional by seeing you again. Sometimes seeing someone after a while can trigger emotions to the last time you talked and make you remember things or force her to deal with what happened. Unless she tries to pursue things further, there's no guarantee she still loves you. All sorts of things can be on her mind and she's likely bottling things up.

  • She must still have feelings for you and seeing you just brought them all back. And I'm guessing you feel the same


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